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Is it time to change?

Take a pause and consider if a change is needed.....

25 January 2019

Just as important to making change work, is the need to recognise when change is needed. When change is needed it has a profound effect – this is often recognised most in our personal lives, where we are more attuned to understanding when we need to alter the existing status quo. Perhaps identifying when the daily commute is damaging our health physically and mentally and, as a result, we either need to move homes or jobs.

When speaking out about our mental state is readily recognised as being needed, we do so readily with our personal lives, but are more reticent about our workplace lives. And whilst not all change is as the result of impacts to our health, all change impacts our health, be that positive or negative.

All of us have a responsibility to recognise when change is needed. The issue may not be impacting us directly, often we are best placed to know when others are experiencing problems. Much of the mental health wellbeing advice which we readily apply outside of the workplace needs applying within it too. Perhaps fear of speaking out holds us back, perhaps fear of not being understood also breeds reticence. But when the workplace is making us unhappy change is needed. It may not be as significant as changing jobs and companies, often changing the way the job is done is sufficient – and alongside it added bonuses: greater efficiency, better productivity, increased profitability, retained knowledge and experience, more receptive workforce to name but a few.

Identifying when to change is just as important for the workplace – affecting everyones mental wellbeing and that of the organisation. If left unmanaged it can affect the culture of an organisation – reaching far beyond the issue where it originated. Whether it be a large or a small change, it can make a huge difference to all. Managed poorly it can have unforeseen consequences – managed well and embedded successfully, the benefits are far reaching.

Is it time to pause a while and consider a change?