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….  changing perceptions

31 January 2019

A vacancy is the ideal time to consider what the future is: like for like replacement, or change the mould?

It could be changing the parameters could open a wider portion of the workforce to your role: location – is home / remote working an option; working pattern – part-time, job share, compressed hours or out of standard hours working.

The biggest challenge is overcoming perceptions.

Remote working doesn’t mean that the job won’t get done as they can’t been seen doing it – set SMART objectives and monitor the outputs. Placing trust in individuals produces benefits and engenders commitment to the organisation as a result. Technology means that they can stay connected and as much part of the team as if they were located in the same building.

Likewise, part-time working doesn’t mean part-time commitment. Often quite the reverse, with the time spent working is more focussed and of a higher quality, as the individual benefits from time away from the job. The added bonus of this may be that you employ two workers instead of one, providing support for holiday cover.

Ensuring individuals are integrated, the organisation changes its perceptions and embeds alternative working practices, means the benefits far outweigh the perceived issues.