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Making a changEEE

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Understanding the three E's of changEEE

11 January 2019

When you are making a change, the three E’s to remember when doing so are Engage, Empower, Enhance.

1. Engage

Humans generally don’t like change – in fact they quite often resist it, being quite happy to continue with the status quo. By actively engaging with those affected by the change, working with them to articulate their concerns and (potentially) fears, this ensures that they feel that they are being listened to, their views valuable and they are a worthy member of the team.

2. Empower

Help spread the load of making the change work by getting those who are being affected by the change to make some of the changes themselves. Through empowerment pass over the power and authority to make the changes:

• Together define the change clearly;

• Set tolerances where there is scope for a change to be made in different ways to achieve the clearly defined outcome;

• Agree deadlines for delivery to be made or milestones to be achieved;

• Provide authority for them to act and make the changes required, without deferment to another person. 

3. Enhance

Through engagement and empowerment change can be enhancing. Giving individuals the authority, power and insight to be able to be actively involved in making changes that affect them enhances their worth and commitment to the change, in many cases moving antagonists to protagonists, actively supporting the changes being made and championing new ways of working. There is nothing quite like a convert to be more proactively supportive.

If your business needs any support in making change a reality, please let me know; with flexible packages and immediate availability, embedded change could be achieved quicker than you thought.

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